Welcoming Some Potential Young Politicians To Albany

White Plains High School sophomores Raina Kadavil and Ana Maria Suarez will be coming up to Albany from April 14-17 as part of the League of Women Voters Students Inside Albany Program. They will have an opportunity to tour the complex and shadow their Assembly person and Senator for an afternoon while attending a session on the chamber floor.

Kadavil has been an active participant of the White Plains Reads and the Greening Project. She is also the recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Youth Legacy Award. Suarez is a community center volunteer who enjoys working with children. She hopes to major in pre-med when she goes to college.

Congratulations to both girls. It’s wonderful to see teenagers who like to get involved with their communities and on a much larger scale. Perhaps there will come a day where I’ll be seeing one of these young women alongside me as a Senator or Assemblywoman in New York.


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