Hoping For Recovery, For Steve Scalise And The Rest Of The Country

I was saddened upon learning that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were shot this morning on a baseball field in Virginia.

I hope that he and the other victims of this heinous, senseless act recover quickly. I was left wondering how this could happen and how easily people can become targets, seemingly in this case because of the victims’ political party affiliation.

The fact that this happened to Congressman Scalise, a duly elected representative in the United States government, left me shaken. I am an elected representative of the 88th Assembly District in New York State. My job allows me to shape the laws in New York, as well as to work closely with the public and my constituents.

As elected representatives, one of the most important parts of our job is to be close to our constituents whenever possible. This shooting was an attack on our democratic values and upon our tradition of politicians being accessible to the public. No person, whether elected or not, should become a target simply because another disagrees with their political beliefs.

Today’s events should give us all a reason to pause. We need to do more to work together so that the differences we have can be resolved civilly and not escalate into senseless acts of violence.

I hope that Congressman Scalise and the other victims will make a full recovery and by the time they do, perhaps we will have turned our attention to making sure that something like what happened today never happens again.

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