There Ought To Be A Law Winners Announced


I am proud to announce Jakob Ferrara, a seventh grader at Pelham Middle School, is the winner of the “There Ought To Be A Law” contest.

This is the second year I have sponsored the contest asking students to identify an issue impacting New York residents and to craft a legislative solution. Ferrara’s proposed law would mandate free Pre-K for all 4-year olds in NYS, giving all students the advantage of early learning. I will be introducing legislation to address this important issue.

Georgia Connelly, Greta Fear and James Findikyan finished in a three-way tie for second place after each wrote about the dangers of toxic chemicals in cosmetics. I will introduce legislation regarding toxic ingredients in children’s products. There was also a two-way tie for third place between Claire Aumer and Mark Tarazi. Aumer proposed that all puppy mills be subject to stricter monitoring and Tarazi proposed a bill that would call for terminally ill patients to be able to die with dignity. These proposed bills support legislation that I have introduced.

We received so many wonderful ideas, almost 100, for a second year in a row. I want to thank all those students who took the time and effort to participate in the contest. It is clear that we have some very intelligent, civic-minded youngsters in the district, and teachers who encourage them to apply what they have learned in school to real life.

I collaborated last year with winners, Pelham Middle School student Sarah Jane O’Connor, on A.2432 to enhance insurance coverage on hearing aids, and Tuckahoe Middle School’s Jack Doherty on A.2093 to make it illegal to tamper or alter parts of a student’s educational files or data, including athletic records. Both bills are currently in committee in the NYS Assembly.

Ferrara will visit me in Albany later this spring where he will be presented with a citation and make an appearance on the Assembly floor.


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