New Laws For 2017

Here is a helpful list of all the new laws taking effect this month.


New Laws Taking Effect – January 2017

Effective Date Chapter Number Bill Number Summary
12/31/16 Chapter 516 of 2016 A.10129
Requires drinking water suppliers to submit vulnerability assessments to protect against cyberterrorism.
Applies to tax years
Chapter 60 of 2016 A.9009-C
Creates the farm workforce retention tax credit, which provides farm owners with a credit for each employee hired.
Applies to tax years beginning 1/1/17 Chapter 333 of 2016 A.1719-C
Creates a beer production tax credit for breweries in New York City.
Applies to policies as of 1/1/17 Chapter 74 of 2016 A.10679
Prohibits deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance for mammograms and other breast cancer screenings and expands opportunities for screenings, including giving NYC public employees up to four hours of paid leave for screenings.
Applies to benefit periods beginning 1/1/17 Chapter 401 of 2016 A.5133-C
Increases the weekly benefits for disabled volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.
1/1/17 Chapter 27 of 2016 A.9165
Allows a family to sign up for Child Health Plus and enroll their child retroactively to the first day of the month in which the child is born to prevent gaps in coverage.
1/1/17 Chapter 40 of 2016 A.9667-A
Requires applications for health care coverage through the health benefit exchange to include registration to become an organ donor.
1/1/17 Chapter 54 of 2016 A.9006-C
Reduces insurance rates for property owners and renters who complete an approved homeowner natural disaster
preparedness safety course.
1/1/17 Chapter 69 of 2016 A.10725
Combats heroin addiction by requiring insurance companies to provide at least five days of coverage, without prior authorization, for medications necessary for the treatment of a substance use disorder, including coverage for lifesaving medications that reverse overdoses such as Narcan.
1/1/17 Chapter 71 of 2016 A.10727
Requires insurance companies to provide coverage, without prior authorization, for inpatient services for the treatment of a substance use disorder, including heroin addiction, for as long as needed. Patients would also be held harmless for any costs, other than copayments or coinsurances, for these services.
1/1/17 Chapter 444 of 2016 A.4106
Includes an examination of window tint in the yearly state inspection of a vehicle.
1/1/17 Chapter 454 of 2016 A.9118
Authorizes taxpayers to directly deposit their personal income tax refund to the New York State College Choice Tuition Savings (529) Program.
1/1/17 Chapter 493 of 2016 A.10294
Requires alcoholism and substance abuse counselors to complete training in medication-assisted treatment as part of their continuing education requirement, so they can use both counseling and medication as part of a comprehensive approach to battling addiction.
1/1/17 Chapter 512 of 2016 A.2834-D
Enhances patients’ protections by establishing guidelines regarding step-therapy protocols of prescription drugs and providing for an expedited appeals process.
1/3/17 Chapter 407 of 2016 A.8641-B
Ensures that veterans are given contact information for the Division of Veterans’ Affairs when applying for public assistance benefits.
1/13/17 Chapter 424 of 2016 A.10269
Protects senior citizens by ensuring that a designated third party receives notice no later than 30 days prior to cancellation due to nonpayment of a long-term care insurance policy.
1/17/17 Chapter 97 of 2016 A.8702-A
Expands the “Move Over Law” to include vehicles of first responders that include blue or green lights, such as volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.
1/17/17 Chapter 101 of 2016 A.2981-B
Permits food service in funeral establishments to give families the option of consuming food and non-alcoholic beverages in a funeral home.
1/17/17 Chapter 180 of 2016 A.9067-B
Combats obesity by expanding wellness programs covered by health insurance plans to include substance or alcohol abuse cessation programs as well as programs to manage chronic pain.
1/17/17 Chapter 236 of 2016 A.7738-A
Requires insurance companies to inform customers of their right to select a repair shop of their choice and make decisions regarding the repairs done to their vehicle.
1/27/17 Chapter 456 of 2016 A.9239
Requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to notify local law enforcement of the change of residence of sex offenders within 48 hours. Current law does not require such notice within a set timeframe.
Extended through 12/31/18 Chapter 60 of 2016 A.9009-C
Extends the hire-a-veteran tax credit for businesses for an additional two years.
Permanently extended Chapter 60 of 2016 A.9009-C
Permanently extends the Earned Income Tax Credit for eligible noncustodial parents.


New Minimum Wage Took Effect December 31, 2016
Date of Increase New York City Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties Rest of New York State*
Businesses with 11 or more employees Business with 10 or less employees
12/31/16 $11.00 $10.50 $10.00 $9.70
12/31/17 $13.00 $12.00 $11.00 $10.40
12/31/18 $15.00 $13.50 $12.00 $11.10
12/31/19   $15.00 $13.00 $11.80
12/31/20     $14.00 $12.50
12/31/21     $15.00  

* The minimum wage could be increased to $15.00 according to an indexed schedule set by the state Division of Budget and Department of Labor. Annual studies will be conducted by the Division of Budget starting in 2019 to gauge economic impact and determine if a temporary suspension of the wage increases is warranted.



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