The Netflix Documentary “Audrey & Daisy” To Be Shown At Scarsdale High School’s Little Theater

I am very proud to announce that I will be hosting a screening of the Netflix documentary “Audrey & Daisy” on Nov. 30 at the Scarsdale High School Little Theater. I am working in conjunction with the Scarsdale Coalition on Family Violence and the Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Services in an effort to provide anyone who hasn’t seen this film a chance to do so. It is a stark and provoking examination of the aftermath of sexual assault on family, friends, schools and communities. This topic is more relevant now than it ever has been and this is a film that everyone, not just women or those of who have female family members, should see. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there and joining in on the special panel’s discussion about the film. Our panelists are Kristen Bowes – General Counsel, Mercy College, and Anna Utsinger – Graduate Student, Former Operations Coordinator, Students Active for Ending Rape while I will serve as the moderator.



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