Westchester Legislators Take A Stand

I am greatly disturbed by the audio tapes that came to light last week, tapes that illustrate Donald Trump’s utter disregard for and disrespect of all women, including members of his own family. Therefore, I have joined many Westchester-based legislators and helped craft the following statement to which 16 of the aforementioned legislators have joined in signing their names. In light of last night’s debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, we felt it was an appropriate time to issue this statement.

We, the undersigned Westchester-based elected leaders who represent a wide cross section of our community, believe it is important that we come together to express our unequivocal condemnation of the recently released statements made by Donald Trump regarding his treatment of women.

Mr. Trump’s degrading words about women, and more importantly the actions of which he boasts, have no place in our society. Westchester’s women deserve to know that their leaders stand for dignity and respect for everyone. In order to demonstrate this, we ask Westchester’s elected leadership to join with us in this statement of condemnation of Mr. Trump’s recently reported remarks. In so doing we not only affirm our commitment to the dignity of all women, and men, but send an unequivocal signal that such attitudes and behavior are not to be tolerated by anyone in public life.

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Senator George Latimer

Assembly member Tom Abinanti
Assembly member David Buchwald
Assembly member Sandy Galef
Assembly member Shelley Mayer
Assembly member Steve Otis
Assembly member Amy Paulin
Assembly member J. Gary Pretlow

County Legislator Catherine Borgia
County Legislator Benjamin Boykin
County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz
County Legislator Catherine Parker
County Legislator Virginia Perez
County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky
County Legislator Alfreda Williams
County Legislator Lyndon Williams

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