I was pleased to learn that the Governor has proclaimed January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in New York on Tuesday

Copy and paste this twibbon to share with friends.

Copy and paste this twibbon to share with friends.

. By launching his campaign to educate the public on identifying possible signs of human trafficking, the Governor has again demonstrated his commitment to ending this heinous industry.

As the Governor recognizes, bringing an end to human trafficking in our state requires a multi-pronged approach which includes education and awareness, training of law enforcement and government agencies, funding critical services to trafficking victims, and enacting legislation to strengthen our current law and hold traffickers and buyers more accountable.  Enacting the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act, a bill I authored, is integral to this strategy. We need to stop talking about the politics and work together to do all that we can to stop human trafficking.

I am also thrilled that the Senate voted to pass the TVPJA. It’s an important step in curtailing the horrible practice of buying and selling human beings in New York State and I applaud the Senate for taking this step. I look forward to the Assembly voting on the bill as quickly as possible so that we can give human trafficking victims the help they desperately need today.


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