Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Today we mark a day to honor the earth and celebrate US Senator Gaylord Nelson’s Earth Day as an environmental “teach-in” held on this date in 1970.  We don’t need to wait until April 22nd every year to think about how each of us can help preserve and protect our environment.

Collective awareness of the health of our planet must motivate us to do better. The battle cry “reduce, reuse, and recycle” can inform our everyday decisions.  As individuals we often feel that we cannot make a difference to what seems to be the insurmountable issue of global warming. But we can. Small actions can make a big difference and progress can be made.

One of my goals as an elected official is to help promote efforts that will contribute to a healthier, safer environment.  As chair of the NYS Assembly Energy Committee, I am committed to finding new, clean and efficient energy sources that will benefit New Yorkers and our neighbors. My efforts also include supporting policies that help to promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

I urge you to do your part.  Happy Earth Day today and throughout the year.


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