Several Of My Bills Were Signed Into Law

I am thrilled to announce that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed four of my bills into law into law over the past 24 hours.

Thanks to Governor Cuomo for his attention to these bills. I worked very hard during the recently completed session to get as much done for my constituents and the rest of the residents in New York State as I possibly could. I’m thrilled that the governor considered my legislation and then signed it into law. I look forward to having him sign more of my bills into law in the coming months.

I had 16 bills passed by both the Assembly and Senate. Here’s a rundown of each of the bills that were signed into law.

5114B Pet Lemon Law

This law discourages pet-store owners from buying dogs from puppy mills. It also helps protect the rights of the consumer once an animal is purchased.

1205A The Administrative Hearings Law

This law requires that the Department of Agriculture and Markets hold a hearing if a licensed pet dealer undergoes three consecutive inspections in which said dealer has failed to correct critical violations. Additionally, the DAM Commissioner is allowed to take additional actions regarding a pet dealer’s license prior to the three consecutive inspections with violations if a situation must be addressed sooner. The intent is to prevent licensed pet dealers with patterns of noncompliance from mistreating animals.

6366 Fuel Cell Remote Net Metering

This law encourages the use of fuel cells, an alternative energy source, by allowing customers to apply credits generated in one building to the meter of another. Remote net metering is already permitted for solar, wind, farm waste and micro hydroelectric generating equipment.

7734A Pharmacist Immunization

This law will enhance the effectiveness of the State’s efforts to reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable disease by expanding access to information maintained in the New York Statewide Immunization Information System (NYSIIS). It will also permit adults to give oral consent rather than written consent for their immunizations to be recorded in NYSIIS. The goal is to have a complete and accurate database of immunizations, so the Department of Health knows people are being immunized. It will also make it easier for school districts to know if children have had their vaccines before coming to school.



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