Swimming To Help Save Lives

Cancer is a horrible disease that has wreaked havoc on the lives of so many. It has the potential to devastate entire families not just the person who has the cancer.

Mine is one of those families. My sister, Jane Scheinfeld, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. When we learned that she had this dreaded disease it was as if someone had ripped out our hearts. The thought that someone I loved would have to fight for her life against a killer that shows no mercy left me feeling helpless.

Unless you have had cancer or watched a love one deal with this disease, it’s difficult to understand the pain and suffering involved. After what seemed to be a lifetime of waiting, hoping and praying, Jane went into remission. It took several operations and several rounds of chemotherapy, but Jane, fighter that she is, survived.

In honor of Jane, I have registered with Swim Across America. I will be swimming to raise money that will go towards cancer research in the hopes of one day finding a cure so other families won’t have to endure this kind of pain and suffering.

I will be swimming on July 19 at the New York Athletic Club Pool Swim. I don’t have a specific goal. I simply want to raise as much money as possible. Please support me in this very worthy cause. You can learn more about Swim Across America and this program on my personal page.

I’m happy to say that Jane is cancer free today.  There are many people, however, who haven’t been as fortunate as Jane, people who did not win their battles. Those are the people we need to remember. We need to work toward a day when cancer is not a death sentence for so many.

Help me as I look to give people a chance. Jane was one of the lucky ones. She fought and won. Others won’t be as fortunate. They need our help to make their fight an easier one.

Here I am with my sisters. Jane is on the far left.

Here I am with my sisters. Jane is on the far left.



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