Equality For All … Finally

Wednesday proved to be a very important day in the history of the civil rights movement in the United States. The historic Supreme Court decision that struck down The Defense of Marriage Act will allow gay and lesbian Americans the equal rights they deserve.

It’s about time. A person’s sexual orientation should never have been an issue when it came to receiving the benefits to which every American is entitled. Yet for decades we turned a blind eye to this community and its needs. It took years and a Supreme Court decision to give equal rights to people who never should have been denied them in the first place.

I am thrilled that so many courageous people stood up and fought for what they believed in, often facing ridicule and scorn when fighting for this cause. While the hate and the venom that some people hold onto every day will never completely disappear, Wednesday’s ruling made it clear that those of us who have common sense and common decency won’t tolerate the bigotry and anger that has been so pervasive for years where this issue is concerned.

People are allowed to love who they love. A government shouldn’t be allowed to dictate whether one group can have the benefits of marriage while another cannot and the Supreme Court finally made that official on Wednesday.

While there are still some states fighting against giving gays and lesbians the equality they deserve – there will always be narrow-minded people who can’t accept change – this ruling should help pave the way for a more progressive, open-minded society.

I am proud to be an American and a legislator today and I look forward to a time when everyone will truly be equal and not have to fight for their rights.


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