Some Good News Out Of Washington

The federal government provided some good news this week with the announcement that it would be dropping its appeal of a judge’s order requiring the morning after pill be sold over the counter to women of all ages.

The Justice Department sent a letter to Judge Edward Korman, who had ruled in April that the government needed to allow over-the-counter sales to minors, saying that the Obama administration had agreed to make the single pill version available without age restrictions.

This is yet another important breakthrough for women. When I heard the news, I felt so excited. I am so happy because this makes such sense as did the ruling by Judge Korman in April. It protects women against unwanted pregnancies. We certainly don’t want teen pregnancies but we haven’t given them a tool to deal with it until now. The federal government has finally put politics aside and addressed the issue of unwanted teen pregnancy in a meaningful way.

I am thrilled that this option is now available to women of all ages.


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