Another Step In The Fight To End Human Trafficking

I will be attending the Scarsdale League of Women Voters Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Friday and I mention this because Emily Amick will be the guest speaker. She is an Equal Justice Works fellow at Sanctuary for Families and the legislative coordinator of the NYS Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

She’ll be speaking about human trafficking in New York State, a very important topic. I have introduced legislation that will not only help the victims of human sex trafficking in New York but increase the punishments for those involved in this hideous practice. The event, which will take place at The Scarsdale Golf Club, will hopefully shed some light on what is a shadowy subject for so many.

The victims in these crimes are most often young women, teenagers and girls really, who have had their childhood stolen and their lives left in ruin because of greedy, depraved individuals. My goal is to help all of these women and provide them with an opportunity to rejoin society and continue on with as normal a life as possible.

Remember, People Are Not For Sale.



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