Solar Thoughts

I have been mentioning, just about every chance I get, that I am the new Energy Committee chair. So for those of you who haven’t been paying attention or following my blog, now’s your chance to hop on board. I am the new Energy chair in New York and with that position comes a great deal of responsibility.

One of those responsibilities involves meeting with folks to discuss plans for new energy sources, finding green energy sources and taking better advantage of the energy sources we already employ. To that end, I met with Jackson Morris, the Director of Strategic Engagement at Pace University’s Energy and Climate Center in White Plains, and Peter Olmsted, of the Vote Solar Initiative, on Tuesday up here in Albany.

We were discussing the latest version of a bill regarding solar energy that has been bouncing around the legislature for a few years. The idea is to get more solar energy utilized in the state, providing everyone with a clean, economic and plentiful source of energy. Last time I checked, the sun comes out quite a bit, so…

solarDoes anyone have any thoughts or experiences with solar energy? Please let me know. I’m open to hearing all about it and any new ideas you might have.


2 thoughts on “Solar Thoughts

  1. It is good to see our friends across the pond taking an active interest in promoting solar and renewable energy in the upper echelons of society. Keep up the good work and if there is anything we can do to help, just ask!

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