A Pair Of Inspirational Stories To Get Your Weekend Started

There’s so much more I can get into a blog entry than I could by simply posting something on Facebook and that’s not a bad thing. Facebook has its place for sure but sometimes I want to stretch my creative legs and write a bit more. To that end, I was reading The Journal News while I was having my coffee this morning and I noticed several stories that were, if nothing else, very inspirational.

They concern people who are in my district but I’m not mentioning them because of that. Rather, the idea that these two people, a runner from New Rochelle and a high school basketball player from Scarsdale, can make so much out of difficult situations.

Tyler Nathan, the young man from Scarsdale, has Kleine-Levin syndrome, a condition that causes them, at times, to sleep for up to 20 hours a day for days on end. Nathan slept for 16 and 12 days, respectively, last fall and that just amazes me. As a parent I can’t imagine seeing my child go through what this young man is going through yet his parents seem to handle the situation with aplomb.

Nathan seems remarkably well adjusted, considering the circumstances, and is thriving at school and on the basketball court. He appears to have the full support of everyone at school, which is a wonderful thing. What the future holds for this young man I really don’t know. But if he continues to excel despite these trying circumstances I have to imagine that he will be successful in whatever he does.

As for the New Rochelle man, well, his story is no less amazing. Tom Dente is our local marathon man, having run 53 marathons over the course of the last 53 months in support of his wife, Liz, who is recovering from breast cancer.

According to the article, “His month-to-month streak began when his wife finished chemotherapy treatments, and is timed to last for the five years she needs to take tamoxifen to keep the cancer from returning.” What a loving and devoted man.

Dente says he views what he’s done a celebration. It certainly is that and much more.


One thought on “A Pair Of Inspirational Stories To Get Your Weekend Started

  1. Amy,

    Didn’t realize you have a blog. I’ll add this to my list of blogs to follow. Great stories. Thanks for pointing them out. It’s wonderful when people share their stories. It lets others know they are not alone.

    All the best,
    Jeffrey Hastie

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