Another Worthy Cause I Am Supporting


I have long been an advocate of passing stricter gun laws, not only in New York but also across the nation. When Governor Cuomo signed the new gun legislation into law earlier this month I couldn’t have been prouder, largely because I put in so much time and effort to help get it passed.

The hope is that this new legislation will, in part, prevent tragedies like the one that took place in Newtown, Ct. There are so many different layers to what happened in Newtown, though. Aside from the obvious, there is the aftermath and how the families of the victims get on with their lives, rebuilding as best they can.

Toby Milstein, a dear friend of mine, is attempting to help take care of these families, whether they come from Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech or any of the other places where automatic weapons were used to take innocent lives. Toby has started a website,, as a way to give aid to families coping with such tragedies.

Toby has created a pendant and, through the website, is offering these charms to the public. All proceeds from the sales will go to Bereaved Parents of the USA, which has set up a chapter near Newtown. The pendant is designed to promote gun control in a fashionable way.

It is one small step but I believe an important one on the path to solving what has become an epidemic in this country. Toby has raised more than $2,000 through in-person and on-line sales in the United States and has drawn interest from as far away as Norway, where a gunman killed 77 people last July.

Toby has the support of acclaimed music producer and songwriter, Billy Mann, former President, George W. Bush’s niece, Ashley Bush and The Chancellor of the NY State Board of Regents, Dr. Merryl H. Tisch. I am proud to support Toby’s effort as well.wear


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