Wondering What’s Going To Happen With Con Edison

Con Edison announced last week it was seeking a rate hike to help cover the costs of implementing preventative measures in the event the area is hit by another Sandy-like storm.

So as I begin to move forward and examine Con Ed’s proposed plan as it pertains to the rate hike, I do so with the thought that the any investments and improvements that are made to the infrastructure should not overburden the consumer. In addition, there should be a guarantee that any additional funds collected from the rate increase should be devoted solely to improving the infrastructure.

The wholesale price of natural gas and electricity is lower than it has been in years so it’s understandable why questions regarding any rate increase would arise. Therefore it will be important that Con Ed make a strong case for how the proposed improvements are expected to make a difference when and if the next storm impacts the region.

I have worked hard in the past on the behalf of my constituents when they were impacted by a storm-related loss of power. As Energy Committee chair I will exhibit the same commitment to excellence where this and future energy-related matters are concerned in an attempt to keep help keep costs down while ensuring a better response from the provider.


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